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All-Natural Lemongrass Tea

All-Natural Lemongrass Tea

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Our lemongrass tea is cut and dried from lemongrass harvested in local farms in the Khatamla panchayat of Rajsamand District in Rajasthan.

All-natural lemongrass is cut during optimal harvesting periods by our farmers. It is then cut and dried by tribal women in the Khatamla Women's Cluster. Once it is dry, we package it immediately, meaning that it arrives to you within days of creation. This ensures a long shelf-life.

It is all-natural, with no chemicals added at any point. The lemongrass is grown with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Each pouch contains 100 grams of dried, cut lemongrass.

The tribal women of the Khatamla Women's Cluster charge the local farmers a fee to create the oils and teas. The farmers keep 100% of the proceeds. This ensures livelihood generation for the tribal women and small & marginalized farmers of the region. All of the money stays within the community.

Our planting material, technical farmer trainings, and scientific guidance are provided by CSIR-CIMAP's Aroma Mission, an Indian government mission to further the livelihoods of farmers. Infrastructure and on-the-ground support are provided by Seva Mandir, an NGO dedicated to rural development in Southern Rajasthan.

Ingredients: all-natural dried lemongrass

Quantity: 100 grams

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