About Us

Amrūtha & Co. was founded by cousins Sumana and Deepti, who are both passionate about Indian artisan goods and handicrafts. While we love the art behind making the products, we were disappointed that authentic Indian artisan goods are priced highly in the West, while the people who make the goods are typically paid next to nothing.

Over the past few years, we've travelled India extensively, making connections with communities and NGOs across the country, sourcing and curating products that we think will be universally loved while establishing sustainable and fair-trade supply chains.

This project that we love so much is named after our grandmother, Amrutha (or Ammadu as she's called by our grandfather). She's also a big fan of what we do ;)


Sumana Palle

Sumana Palle has a varied career in tech marketing, brand management, and social development.

Having graduated with a BBA from the University of Michigan, she worked in the tech industry for 5 years as a brand and project manager at Amazon and Flywheel Digital.

She then spent 2 years as a Youth for India Fellow at the State Bank of India's YFI Fellowship program, partnering with Seva Mandir in rural Rajasthan. Her project involved reviving indigenous agriculture, capacity-building for women entrepreneurship, and establishing end-to-end supply chains.

Deepti Velampudi

Deepti is a trained physician currently working in vaccine development and research and multiple oncology related clinical trials. 

Having graduated with as a physician from India, she is working in the research and pharma field from the last 3 years.