Ethical goods from India

Amrūtha & Co. is a social enterprise that features Indian artisan goods and handicrafts. Our mission is to ensure that artisans get fair rates for their crafts and that customers get high-quality, handmade items at affordable prices.

  • Handmade

    All of the products we feature are handmade by artisans.

  • Fair trade

    We pay our artisans and partner NGOs fair prices.

  • Ethically sourced

    The materials we use are either recycled or ethically sourced.

  • Affordable

    Fair trade + ethical shouldn't mean expensive.

Shop our cushion covers

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Fresh from the farm

Shop our upcycled journals

Our handmade journals are made from all recycled materials. Old saris are used for decorative covers and old, used paper is broken down to the fibers and reshaped into new handmade paper. All of these journals are made by Rajasthani women in the Thar desert as part of a women's empowerment initiative by local NGOs.

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Made with love, in Rajasthan

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Shop our handmade products

Handmade to us means made with love and intention. We use either premium or recycled materials to ensure quality and sustainability. Our handmade goods are made by artisan women in India, many of whom come from marginalized backgrounds.

Good things take time so please note that our products can take up to a month to ship, as each product is made to order.

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From India, with love

About Us

As an homage to our grandmother, Amrutha, who we are named after, we're old-fashioned.

We believe in things that take time to make because they are made well and made to last. We believe in recycling and upcycling materials to make something even better than the original. We believe in doing things the all-natural way, reducing waste, and being conscious + intentional with our land and environment.

Tired of having to choose between quality + sustainability and affordability, while knowing that artisans are paid next to nothing, we wanted to make create something that offered only premium, high-quality products at an affordable price, while providing fair rates to artisans. We do this by cutting out all the middlemen in the supply chain, working directly with the people (many of whom are marginalized) who make the goods we sell.

Most of our products are made to order, ensuring longevity and quality.

- Sumana & Deepti